After a long and Epic journey, my Paperback is LIVE!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate that my first book, Heir to a Lost Sun has finally been released out into the wilds of the internet. So far it is only the paperback (the Ebook comes out Nov 20th), but it is a start!

It’s pretty cool seeing the manifestation of nearly two years up on Amazon, and when I got to hold a proofing copy in my hands. It was up there (but would never surpass) the feeling I got when I held my son for the first time. At last, others will be able to live in the world of the Caverns of Stelemia, and get to know the characters like I have.

If you would like to check out the paperback, it can be found here at Amazon by clicking here

Now I can’t wait to hold the rest of my books in my hand. Book 2’s cover (Dawn of a Lost Sun) is more awesome than the first in my mind!


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