Free Books for all!

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share some links to lots of free fantasy and science fiction books (click the images below) and a couple of my recommendations from among them. I’m sure every book on the list is great, but these are ones I have discovered and are reading or plan to read.

The First Crown: A Caledan Novelette by Meg Cowley, Dark Communion by CJ Perry and The Parabiont Invasion by Y.J. Gendron (currently reading). Rosalyn Kelly’s The fall of Vaasar (seriously, her main book Melokai, In the Heart of the Mountains looks awesome and The fall of Vaasar is its prequel).

Feel free to leave any of your recommendations in the comments below or contact me via the contact form in the menu at the top of this site!

Happy reading!

Click on the below images to go to the Instafreebie promos!


THE BELOW LINK goes to the Book Funnel Promo for Ebookaroo. Book Funnel is a little like Instafreebie, with an easy to download delivery system of books so you can read them on your Kindle or any other device you use. There are also different books in this promo compared to the two above, so check them out!



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