The Launch of the Heir to a Lost Sun Ebook!

Heir to a Lost Sun

So, yea, I launched my first book up on Amazon. Oh, what a ride it has been! Heres a link to my magnum opus.

From the start of the project until completion and now into the launch, working on Heir to a Lost Sun has definitely been an adventure, with its up and downs. But it has been so worth it. I am glad my book is out there now and people are able to read it. Just for interest’s sake, I will put up the three covers this book has gone through before launch! Oh, and include a picture of the map.

This was the original cover… Yea change of name and the cover does not look great. Oh, and it also has the Shutterstock watermarks on it (if you look close enough) because the cover artist, I presume, did not pay for the right to the image, even though I paid them too…


This is the second cover. While I love this cover, and I am so going to find a use for it one day, it does not sell epic fantasy. But I love it. I even had a picture of it on my wall until my current cover replaced it.



And now, my current cover, which I love too!

Three covers. And one day it might need another. Who knows? But I’m happy with this last one. I feel it really fits the book. Whether readers think it fits epic¬†fantasy, is another matter. Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading!


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