Introducing my podcast!

Introducing my Podcast,


The podcast To Climb the Mountain is a weekly podcast that is available on You Tube. It is mainly aimed at other beginning authors, but anyone interested in writing or the author business will find it valuable.

My favorite episode so far has been the one titled, “Free book promo podcast”. In this episode, I analyzed whether the free promotion I ran on Nov 20th to Nov 21st 2017 had any immediate follow-on benefit to growing my author business. WARNING: Low sales numbers shown. If this offends you, don’t watch! 😛

The current episode, “Get an Editor” is about the process of getting an editor and what to look for when you find one you like. The second part is coming soon and will go into depth on a developmental/substantive edit my editor, Allison Erin Wright, did of a chapter of Heir to a Lost Sun. It will go into the changes I made based on her feedback, and how much better the final chapter ended up.


Here are the links to the episodes of my podcast, from newest to oldest! I hope you find these videos of use. I know I enjoy making them!

Ep 4: Get an editor


Ep 3: Free book promo


Ep 2: ARC Reviews and how to get them!


Ep 1: Pacing.


And a bonus video I did on the launch of my book, Heir to a Lost Sun.



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