Dawn of a Lost Sun is now live!

Dawn of a Lost Sun, the second book in the epic fantasy series of the Caverns of Stelemia is now live on Amazon!

As you just read (assuming you read headlines:P), Dawn of a Lost Sun is now out. It’s also on special for USD 99c (or equivalent in local Amazon stores) until Dec 22. So grab it cheap while you can!

This story continues on with the events of book 1 (Heir to a Lost Sun) and picks up where that book ended. Much more is revealed about the characters, both good and bad, and the world expands in scope.

I loved writing this book and loved taking it places book 1 only hinted at. The strong female characters are a stand out to me, and I enjoyed pitting them against overwhelming odds.

The cover of the book (shown below) is my favorite cover of all my books so far! I love the colors and the details, and really think it brings the characters of Kara and Semira to life. The Kara on this cover (the woman with white hair) is vastly different from how she looked on book one’s cover. She is a darker person in this book, with the weight of the world hanging from her shoulders.

Here is the blurb!

Would you destroy the human race to save it?

Kara awakens on the frozen, bleak surface, her body stolen from her by Imogen. Kara is alone. Frightened. Trapped.

Aemon, injured in the battle with Kahan, escapes the fighting and soon finds himself face-to-face with Imogen and her sinister machines. And she has need of him.

As the cold closes in, Kara struggles to find a way home. Soon she encounters her murderous sister, Semira, who has shared a similar fate. Exile. With Imogen beside him, Aemon returns to Stelemia and quickly learns the nature of her machines. Once men, infused into metal, now serving her every command. Imogen is the Scion of the Prophecy. The harbinger of doom.

Together, Kara and Semira must overcome their differences if they hope to survive the terrors of the surface and seize back what was theirs. Imogen plans to unleash her harvesters upon humanity. Only Aemon can stop her.

All the while, the ancient enemy plans their final attack.

Book 2 in the epic saga of the Caverns of Stelemia.


And here is the awesome cover!

It feels great having two books out there now. Here’s to many more!

PS: Another will be coming out early next year. A side book set in the Caverns of Stelemia world.Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterest

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