Heir to a Lost Sun

A Caverns of Stelemia novel

Book Cover: Heir to a Lost Sun

Part of the The Caverns of Stelemia series:

Out of the distant past comes the terror of the future.

Living a simple, sunless existence underground is all Kara has ever known. When she is bound to a mysterious artifact against her will, the long-forgotten enemy that drove humanity into the dark depths of the earth awakens.

Aemon has lived a dreary life, but dreams of becoming a great hero. When he encounters Kara on an underhanded mission, he becomes determined to protect her at all costs.

With Aemon beside her, Kara seeks to free herself from the artifact as their world is ravaged by apocalyptic war. During their perilous quest for salvation, they discover she is at the heart of an ancient prophecy. Some believe her a savior—others a destroyer. Kara’s fate and that of her people are inextricably linked, for within her is the power to crush the invaders—or wipe out humanity forever.

Can Aemon be the champion Kara needs? Or will Kara’s dark destiny turn his dreams of glory into a nightmare? The artifact’s shadow looms over everything, the key to victory shrouded in the past. But it is not giving up its secrets easily, and time is running out.

Book 1 of the epic saga of the Caverns of Stelemia.