Can You Use Dog Food For Bear Baiting


Can You Use Dog Food For Bear Baiting. Sometimes if the weather is hot i've had meat rot and just be teeming with maggots. Common choices are a combination of donuts, bread, muffins, popcorn, oats, dog food and meat scraps.


Pet food should always be stored safe from a bear if you are camping with furry friends. Allow the food to dissolve and disperse with the water current. Some people spray with different mixtures around the bait.

Some Fishermen Recommend Throwing A Handful Of.

Allow the food to dissolve and disperse with the water current. Now before you choose your bait you need to take into consideration the access you can get to the area you are hunting. Dry kibble may not have as strong a smell as some canned foods, but it’s fragrant enough to be detected by bears from far away.

Dog Food, Syrup, Honey, Molasses, Doughnuts, Old Bread, Popcorn Or Any Mixture Of The Above Items—But Mainly Sweet Stuff.

We have had great luck doing it this way. Bears prefer sweet bait as opposed to meat scraps. Now i can not say it want work but exspect the coon to clean your food up

Ask Your Local Grocery Store Manager For Discarded Lettuce Heads, Watermelon, Bread.

Having variety in the bait will increase the chances of multiple bears staying on your baits. “here, we find bears feeding heavily on huckleberries early in the fall,” says kayser. I do not put anything on the food in the barrel.

Used Oil From A Deep Fryer Also Draws In Bears.

Dry it seems to last longer without any mold. The main advantage of using the dog food is that it provides the bears and scavenging wildlife with protein and nutrients, unlike sweet and sugary baits, and the pieces are small enough to prevent the bears from grabbing a large amount and running off into cover to eat it. Avoid meats if you are in a brown bear area.

If You Are Baiting In Too Far In To Use A Barrel Take In A Set Of Post Hole Diggers And Dig A Hole As Deep As You Can, Then Fill It With Bait And French Fryer Grease.

I have actually used these and they work pretty darn well! Not only do you have the chunks to attract them, but they will also want to lick the mouse trap clean afterward! Sounds like you need a different outfitter.


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