Do Hedgehogs Eat Dog Food


Do Hedgehogs Eat Dog Food. Also, the dog food’s nutritional content doesn’t match the hedgies’ needs. In time, baby hedgehogs will consume larger quantities, go longer between feeding, and even eat solid foods.

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Leave out foods like tinned dog or cat food and crushed cat or dog biscuits. Hedgehogs were not popular pets so there was no way to provide commercial food for them. Hedgehogs can eat dog food, but do look at the label and check out all the nutrients/macronutrients before providing that to your hedgehog.

Can Hedgehogs Eat Dog Food?

Or if you insist, then check the package for the nutrients ratio and the ingredients list for anything unsuitable to your hedgehog. Of course, not all pet foods are made the same and some are low in animal protein so be sure to. Or if you insist, then check the package for the nutrients ratio and the ingredients list for anything unsuitable to your hedgehog.

They Would Also Contain Acidic Elements Like Tomatoes (In The Form Of Ketchup), Which Are Dangerous For Hedgehogs.

Lots of dog foods are relatively low in protein and high in fat which is not good for hedgehogs. If you are looking for an answer to the question, “can hedgehogs eat dry dog food,” it is “no.” this is because dog food is too hard to digest for your pets. Many kibbles in dog foods are far to large for hedgehogs to eat and can pose as a choking hazard.

Many Dog Foods Contain Corn Which Is Bad For A Hedgehog And Very Difficult For Them To Digest.

Hedgehogs are becoming more popular as pets. They are very little creatures, so you want to avoid overfeeding them. Offer each new treat on its own alongside the main food and wait to see how the hedgehog responds before feeding anything else.

When It Comes To Dog And Cat Foods, They Can Eat Both The Wet And Dry Varieties Of All Kinds.

First here’s a breakdown of the recommended basic nutrients % a hedgehog needs…. This is a general rule of thumb and applies to a hedgehogs diet as a whole and these numbers don’t need to be accomplished solely in their base diet of either dry cat or hedgehog food. They say that the kibble is too big.

You Want To Keep Your Hedgehog Visitors Healthy And Happy With High Protein Cat Food, Which You Can Select As One Kibble Version Or A Small Dog Food.

Just like how hedgehogs cannot eat cat food, they also cannot eat dog food. Hot dogs should not be provided to hedgehogs as they are processed foods and do not contain any nutritional benefits for the hedgie. Although for dry crushed kibble, a small serving can be put down for a hedgehog to eat throughout the day.


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