Do Senior Dogs Really Need A Special Food


Do Senior Dogs Really Need A Special Food. Ask your vet to recommend a senior dog food formula for your dog. Your dog may be a senior dog, but that doesn’t mean he or she needs to eat a senior food.

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Ask your vet to recommend a senior dog food formula for your dog. You may find that you need to minimize the treats that you dole out throughout the day. Foods designed for senior dogs often have less fat, but not lower protein levels.

If Your Dog Has Been Eating A Certain Kind Of Dog Food For Years, There’s No Reason To Switch Them To Anything Else Just Because They’re Older.

In general, senior dog food will have fewer calories, which is good. In addition, plenty of regular attention and affection is good for morale, both yours and your senior dog’s. If your senior dog is healthy and maintaining a good weight, a new dog food may not be needed.

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Be sure to ask your veterinarian about the best food for your senior dog. They have been shown to be useful for dogs with mobility issues due to arthritis or other joint diseases. In most cases, that’s not necessary.

You Should Feed Your Older Dog A High Quality, Easily Digestible Food Recommended By Your Veterinarian.

Dogs with health conditions may need special diets. Ask your vet to recommend a senior dog food formula for your dog. Many varieties will also throw in omega fatty acids, glucosamine, and maybe a trendy supplement making the rounds.

Consider A Special Diet If Your Older Dog Has Heart Or Kidney Disease.

If your dog has been eating a certain kind of dog food for years, there’s no reason to switch them to anything else just because they’re older. Alternatives to commercial senior dog food. For some older dogs, you can continue to feed their regular food, but in a smaller quantity.

That’s Why We Formulate Our Senior Dog Foods With Higher Levels Of Protein (As Compared To Our Regular Adult Dog Foods).

Keep your senior pet indoors most of the time, especially in inclement weather. There are many senior dog foods on the market. Having senior dogs is really a wonderful experience.

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