How To Get Dog Food On Harvest Moon


How To Get Dog Food On Harvest Moon. The available colors of pets will be randomly set each day. Nov 16, 07 at 4:49am (pst) ^.

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To begin your coop, purchase a rooster (male) and a hen (female) from the ledger, which takakura will follow through on by delivering them to your coop. Check out our complete collection of harvest moon: A wonderful life check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question.

How Do You Get A Dog In Harvest Moon?

The first two colors are available starting from the beginning of the game and the second color of pets become available once you reach year 2: Nov 16, 07 at 4:49am (pst) ^. A wonderful life check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question.

How Do You Get Your Dog To Like You In Harvest Moon Save The Homeland?

If you want to see the condition of your animal, just click a notebook located near the door of the barn. The pet will then say indoors. One can be purchased for 1500g from the chicken farm, and you really only need one for the rest of the game.

The Food Bin Requires 5 Small Lumber, 2 Copper, And 2 Iron, And Will Link To The Storage Box Where Your Pet Food Is Stored.

You will need to get the ho out from the tool shed. Only feed your dog weeds and failed foods. The only coconut you need to make one coconut milk is coconut.

You Can Find Coconut Milk In Your Bag Once You’ve Created Some.

Ask a question for harvest moon: The food that you put into the dog bowl can be any edible item, however you can gain friendship points faster if you add fish or milk on a regular basis. At first you cannot interact with any dog, however there is a blue food bowl outside of your farmhouse where you can add food on a daily basis.

You Just Have To Place Some Mushrooms Or Wild Plants You Pick Off The Ground Into Your Dog’s Food Dish And Your Dog Will Eat It Right Up.

Just hold something like a weed, berry, or a flower and press x next to the dish. The only way to get a dog is to get one of the dogs to like you enough so that you can catch him. The more your dog loves you, the more likely you are to win save the homeland.


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