How To Know If Dry Dog Food Is Bad


How To Know If Dry Dog Food Is Bad. There was an exact science that came with it. Err on the side of getting too little rather than buying more than necessary to be on the safe side.

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One of the first things you should do when determining how fresh your dog’s food is, is to check the best by date on the packaging. But you have to ensure the kibble stays fresh by storing it in an airtight container. The effects of bad dog food.

The Most Common Causes Of Food Spoilage Are:

The food in your dog’s mouth makes him refuse to eat and display signs of sickness or discomfort. Feeding bad dog food for a longer time may also result in skin problems. Look for the expiration date on the bottom of your dog’s food bag or cans, and plan to use up the food before that date.

Wet Food, On The Other Hand, Is Slightly Different.

Yes, dry food goes bad. There is a possibility that you can stretch the dates to a few more weeks, but it will still go bad after you have opened it. Dry dog food goes stale, sometimes before you buy it, if the supplier is not consciencious.

Therefore, Knowing How To Store It.

Typically, dry dog food that has not been opened is good for up to 18 months, while wet canned food is good for two years from that date. Moisturized bags are clear of mold, bugs, or odors. Ollie is therefore perfect for even the pickiest of dogs.

But You Have To Ensure The Kibble Stays Fresh By Storing It In An Airtight Container.

If it sits around too long at the warehouse, store, or your house, insects can move into it, such as indian meal moths. So, as you go to the vet or anywhere else to buy the food, ensure you pick the right amount. Dog food can get easily spoiled, depending on how it is deposited.

All These Are Visible Signs That The Food Has Gone Bad.

How to tell if a dog food is bad. After we know dog dry food can go bad, the way you store any dry food is what will determine how long it can stay fresh. In general, it’s best to store dog kibble in a cool, dry place.


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