How To Prevent Weevils In Dog Food


How To Prevent Weevils In Dog Food. And just to ease your mind. We must clean up our spills.

Granary Weevils in Bird Seed What's That Bug? from

Toss out all food items that are infested with weevils. You may also find grain weevils in your dog treats. The cold temperature will kill the eggs and they will never become weevils.

Store It In The Freezer Or In Sealed Glass, Metal, Or Sturdy.

Next, remove everything else from the pantry and thoroughly vacuum the shelves. It’s also a good idea to discard any unsealed dry goods, like rice, flour, pasta, and oats, just to be safe. Weevils are often preyed upon by large predators such as woodpeckers, birds, frogs, hedgehogs, ladybugs and praying mantises.

I Always Put My Flour, Cornmeal, Etc.

Throw it out and buy a new bag. Place a few bay leaves in your dried food containers to ward off these pests, and position several cloves of garlic around your pantry and kitchen to deter these bugs from making a home in your pantry. If you plan to reuse food storage containers that once had weevils, make sure you rinse them under hot water with soap a few times.

White Vinegar, Thanks To Its Acidic Properties, Is Very Uncomfortable For The Weevils Once It Gets To Their Cutaneous Layers.

White vinegar is also known to kill pantry beetles. Grain weevil in dog treats. If you find a food that is infested, or if you suspect it may be and you want to try to kill the weevils instead of discarding the food, you can usually kill the adult weevils, as well as the eggs, larvae, and pupae, by heating the product to 140 degrees fahrenheit for at least 15 minutes or by freezing the product at 0 degrees or lower for three days.

Look For Pet Food Storage Containers That Have A Rubber Seal On The Lid To Better Keep Air And Moisture Away From The Food.

Putyour dog treats in a freezer bag and in the freezer. Freeze or toss out infested food. You may also find grain weevils in your dog treats.

To Get Rid Of Weevils, Or Flour Bugs, First Toss Out Any Infested Food In Your Pantry.

Freeze dried goods for at least 2 days instead of letting them thaw as long as you can. How to prevent the grain weevils in the dog food. Clean up any spilled food.

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