How To Transition Dog To New Food


How To Transition Dog To New Food. I'm transitioning to a new dog food from hill's gi prescription kibble that my puppy used to have because of giardia. If all the signs are good after a couple of days, start to alter the ratio of new food to old.

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Mix it evenly with their food, gradually raising the percentage for a week: The process should take about a week.”. Mix 75% old food with 25% new food daily:

Portland Pet Stores Also Has A Great Food Transition Schedule.

Look up the percentages again, but this time you have to change the percentages to 50% and 50%. Transition from old to new pet food over a period of about 7 to 10 days: Just like humans, sometimes new foods can upset our stomachs.

Schedule For Changing Your Dog Or Cat’s Food:

A short fast is easier than you think. Once your dog has accepted their new food and are eating it exclusively, you will need to wait for 6 to 8 weeks before you can fully evaluate how it is effecting your dog’s health. Start with 75% old food mixed with 25% new food for approximately three days.

Start Slowly Adding The New Food To Your Pet’s Usual Meal:

Over 7 days, gradually decrease the amount of the current dog food while increasing the amount of new dog food. Gradually introduce your dog to new food for a week to make sure your dog doesn’t get over it: During the transition what you want to do is calculate how much food in total your pup will need on the new diet, and also know how much your pup is currently eating from their current diet.

Finally, If Your Dog Is Tolerating The Food Well, Start Feeding Them On 100% New Food After Seven Or Eight Days.

How do i switch my dog to new food? A gradual transition is the best way to switch to a new food, though. Add a little wet food each day to your dog’s bowl while slowly reducing the amount of kibble.

Feed 3/4 Cup Of New Food And 1/4 Cup Of Current Food.

Then give him equal portions of new and old food for two or three days. Side effects of changing dog food too quickly if your dog has a sudden change of diet then you may see the following issues: We recommend the following approach to transition your dog to a new food:

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