Is Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food As Good As Frozen


Is Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food As Good As Frozen. Freeze dried raw dog food vs. However, the key to understanding this difference lies in the moisture content.

400g Raw Rawr Venison Freeze Dried Balance Diet Food for from

You'll also find some foods listed as suitable for all life stages, but we'd highly recommend feeding your new pet puppy food until it’s at least one year old. Freeze dried foods can be a good gateway product if you are thinking of feeding a raw diet. Your dog gets the same nutritional benefits of eating raw without the mess.

Freeze Dried And Dehydrated Pet Foods Are Not Raw.

The ingredients are subjected to freezing temperatures, removing up to 99% of the moisture, effectively locking. It’s food preservation, not bacterial control. Freeze dried dog food is a perfect alternative to pets than just plain treats.

But It Still Retains About 97% Of Its Nutrients.

By removing moisture from raw pet food, any bacteria or enzymes that were previously found to shorten the shelf life and decrease nutrient value are effectively deactivated. What is freeze dried dog food? It does not harm nutritional values or consistency.

For Example, Primal Discusses The Transition Period In Detail And Describes It As “The Most Essential Element Of A Healthy And Safe Change From Dry Kibble Or Canned Wet Food To A Raw Diet.”

Your dog gets the same nutritional benefits of eating raw without the mess. The freeze drying process removes most of the terpenes and other aromatic compounds which is what gives your pets the olfactory signal that this is good food. This diet comes with minimal methods keeping most of the ingredients raw.

Alinovi Shared That The “Enzymes Are Degraded, The Moisture Is Gone, It's Processed Food.”

What is freeze dried raw? Dehydrated dog food is usually less expensive than freeze. For this reason, frozen fresh food will usually be.

Freeze Dried Foods Can Be A Good Gateway Product If You Are Thinking Of Feeding A Raw Diet.

Although freeze dried and dehydrated “raw” pet food is growing in popularity, it’s because it’s easy to market to pet owners, not because it’s raw. Freeze dried dog food is technically raw and full of nutrients. Freeze drying works in a three step process:

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