What In Dog Food Causes Tear Stains


What In Dog Food Causes Tear Stains. Yes, food can be a cause of tear staining in your dog. This can be a harder problem to address.

Tear Staining What Is It and What Causes It? from healthypets.mercola.com

The containers you use to store dog food and to feed your dog also matters. Many dog food manufacturers add fillers like wheat, corn, and other grains to cut costs. Swelling from the allergy can cause the tear duct to become blocked and lead to dog tear stains.

And Of Course, Dogs With Light Or White Hair Or Long Hair On Their Faces Have A Higher Risk For Staining.

These fillers aren’t harmful, but some sensitive dogs react poorly, which can ultimately cause tear stains. For instance, water that is high in iron may be a culprit. The containers you use to store dog food and to feed your dog also matters.

Porphyrins Are Commonly Called Waste Products From Red Blood Cells Containing Iron.

Tear staining in dogs can be caused by a variety of situations. When people search for the best dog food for tear stains, it’s because there is a connection between dog tear stains and dog food. Klein states that factors in a dog’s environment can also cause tear stains.

This Waste Product Is Known As Porphyrins, And It Is The Waste Product Of Red Blood Cells.

Does grain in dog food cause tear stains? When the ear canal suffers from bacterial. Additionally, a pet who has any form of allergy or sensitivity can.

The Red/Rusty Stains On Your Dog Are Tear Stains Caused By Porphyrins.

Finally, your dog could be suffering from environment or food allergies that cause his eyes to excessively water. Tear stains in dogs can also occur due to sensitivities such as food, allergies, or even teething. Unnecessary dyes, preservatives, and fillers can cause sensitivity reactions that lead to dog tear stains.

The Manufacturers Understand That Poor Dieting And Allergies Are Part Of The Cause Of Tear Stains In Dogs, Ensuring That This Food Is Free From Additives And Fillers.

In addition, usually give your dog more water, add some apple cider vinegar to the water can also play a role. Porphyrins are created during the normal cycle of biosynthesis of hemoglobin to create energy. Dogs may also have adverse reactions to plastic food bowls.

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